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Report on Petro Vietnam Marine Shipyard (PV Shipyard)
마스텍중공업 07.10
1. Visit details

     1) Date: 30th March 2012

     2) Place: Petro Vietnam Marine Shipyard, Vung Tau, Vietnam

2. Event

     1) Event name: Handover ceremony of Tam Dao 03 (End-user: Vietsovpetro)

     2) Objective: "Self-Elevating Drilling Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
                         90m Water depth (Design: Le Tourneau, Model - Super 116E) 



3) Project history (Tam Dao 03)

         22nd Jan. 2009:
            Shipbuilding contract was made between PV Shipyard and Vietnam National Oil And
            Gas Group (PVN) , for one unit of 60m Jack Up Rig, USD180million, Delivery within 32 months

         18th May. 2009:
            Contract with Le Tourneau Technologies Inc.

         30th Mar. 2012:

4. Overview of PV Shipyard

     1) Location 65A2, "30 thang 4" road, Vung Tau city, Vietnam

     2) Area Total area: 400,000 sq. metres
        otal covered shops: 22,770 sq. metres
        Total open fab. area: 148,383 sq. metres
        (Quoted from Presentation file)

     3) Outfit quay : Outfit quay: 156m long, 30m wide, 10.2m water depth (zero tide)
        (Quoted from Presentation file)

     4) Dry-dock : 380(mL)x86(mW)x8(mD). The dry dock is under engineering stage
        (Quoted from Presentation file)

     5) Skid-ways : 169mL, capacity: 150T/m (Quoted from Presentation file)

     6) Workers : 300 experienced engineers, 800 permanent skilled workers, 3000 subcontracted workers
        (Quoted from Presentation file)

     7) Layout : Seems to be generally narrow and not optimized for minimum internal transportation



   8) Facility 

* Panel workshop



 * CNC Cutting Machine



 * Ware house



* Removable shelter (1 for leg fabrication, 1 for hull block assembly)



* Crawler crane (1,250ton)



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