Mastek heavy industries co.,ltd

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Scope of Supply
  • Mastek has kept Collecting & Studying the shipbuilding status, technology, methods in Korean, Indian and Brazil etc.
  • Mastek has carried out Shipyard Engineering & Consulting for several projects for new construction, renovation or modernization of the shipyard to the client's satisfaction.
  • Optimized design of the shipyard shall be provided together with consulting services for operation of the shipyard in full consideration of the local conidtions.
Scope of Supply
  • To shorten shipbuilding time through various Hull construction & Erection methods (Ex: Pre-erection, Mega Blocks, etc)
  • Having technology of calculation & design for various types of launching methods to offer the best method to the shipyard.
  • MASTEK's engineering & consulting services offer all possible ways for saving time, less costs and best productivity for shipbuilding at the client's shipyard.
Scope of Supply