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Design Contract with NASCO shipyard for 92.1K
마스텍중공업 07.07
color="#1b99d4">On August 10, 2008,
color="#1b99d4">Mastek contracted with Zhoushan Nanyang Star Shipbuilding Co., LTD. (NASCO) for 92,100 DWT bulk carrier (Basic & Production).

NASCO, a Zhoushan based repair shipyard, will be entering the newbuilding business soon and is now under renovation of its facility.

Mastek will provide NASCO with a full package of design services (Basic & Production design) for the shipyard's 1st newbuilding project and is preparing for Material Package Supply as well.

1st vessel of the total 4 vessels shall be built from 3rd QTR of 2009 and be delivered in 2010 to the shipowner, ETA in A.U.E.


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