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QJMS.. Made 1st Shipbuilding Contract
마스텍중공업 07.07

 QJMS.. Made 1st Shipbuilding Contract with Murmansk..


 On 6th of December, 2006...

QJMS (Qingdao Jimo Mastek Shipbuilding Co., Ltd) had made 1st shipbuilding contract with Murmansk Shipping Company in Russia.



 The vessel type is 75,000 DWT Ice Class Bulk Carrier and 6 units will be constructed.




 These vessels are suitable for carrying out bulk in the polar region (the pole).

Main dimensions is as follows..
Length, overall Approx. 226 m
Length, between perpendiculars 218 m
Breadth, moulded 32.26 m
Depth, moulded 20.3 m
Designed draught, moulded 12.4 m
Scantling draught, moulded 14.25 m​



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